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Monday, February 24, 2014

Grand Funk Railroad belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame

Grand Funk Railroad belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame: The Wizard just read this Article and I just cannot believe what I'm reading . First ,the pic with the musclemen below does not look real! @nd , the R&R Hall of Fame won't induct Grand Funk & Gary US Bonds into their loving arms ,because they did drugs....well that's what this guy 's article says. They took Steroids ,according to Phill Marder??? So.....I mean we heard they were on a Anti-drug trip and they were putting down the use of Drugs and the people didn't want to hear that BS , at a R&R Concert in the early 70s. I never until now, ever questioned whether true or not , I mean they weren't touring that I remember after '75! There music was great R&R too , but I heard it from a owner of a Concert Sound company's owner out of Baltimore , as I remember his telling me why I hadn't seen them on tour. Now I have no idea which story is what really happened ,but no matter , Both GFR and Gary US Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame for R&R ! Almost as bad as banning PETE ROSE in baseball ,maybe worse!!!

'via Blog this'Grand Funk Railroad
Grand Funk
Gary US Bonds.jpg
Gary US Bonds !
I saw his performances in early days 1960-1965, he always Rocked
the House with everything he had !!!!!

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