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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hardsextube: japanese lesbian massage

Hardsextube: japanese lesbian massage: lesbian
Click to go to see the AV !

The Wizard always use to joke that I loved getting or giving 
a Dr. Feelgood Relaxing Tongue Massage , the Lady in this Porno is the sample The Wizard presents , as pretty damn close to a perfect Dr. Feelgood Relaxing Tongue Massage!
Be ADVISED this is a XXX Adult Video , it may cause Erotic feelings , or urges !!!!!

I have ever seen on film ! Use this lesson as your guideline , when you are giving or getting one !

The Wizard's Halloween Party Playlist of Spooky Tunes !

The Wizard's Halloween Party Playlist ! Stake me with your Finger!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 10 Western Movie Gunfights

The Wizard would have to say I agree on the Outlaw Josey Wales shootout and would add THE MAGNIFICENT 7 , The Alamo with John Wayne and The Professionals with Lee Marvin & Burt Lancaster and remember there is always more then TEN in a TOP TEN LIST , because one person's SHANE is another person's SILVERADO or the great shootout between Gary Cooper&Burt Lancaster in VERA CRUZ  compared to 
John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in TRUE GRIT .Probably have to add Eastwood's Collection All tied for 10th Place , I always favored the George Peppard vs. Eli Wallach scene in HOW THE WEST WAS WON too! Although a TV Mini-Series , I really think LONESOME DOVE is a All-around great Western but was made for TV. as also were the Great TV Westerns Series of the 50s&60s !!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Jive Aces present: Bring Me Sunshine

A great tune for everyday ,that's what The Wizard say , but then we'd just get bored by it too , sooner then later as we see the Sun set!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

Brilliant ........!

Pink Floyd Returns With First New Song From Final Album 'The Endless River' | Yahoo Music - Yahoo Music

Pink Floyd Returns With First New Song From Final Album 'The Endless River' | Yahoo Music - Yahoo Music

Must be a new generation out there not buying DARK SIDE OF THE MOON , so time to crank out some Pink Floyd Promo ,to get the new group of Not quite ready for R&R Spelled  out for them FANS in their Teens and accept the inevitable , you will Love Pink Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon , will
enter the TOP 100 Best Selling Albums , again ! Plus , a new song from their final album "Endless River"
Pink Floyd - Endless River

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cry Me A River with Imelda May and Jeff Beck

First time The Wizard heard Miss Imelda May , very impressed !!!!!
This may be on here twice , it seems my medicine makes me forget   anything not older then 2 minutes or is it longer ! See , The Wizard has gone and forgotten already , what where we or I ,The Wonderful Wizard of R&R               ....Aw, Shucks , I can't fool me can I Now if I can only get a Message to Carson Daly , to go listen to Miss Ellen Davis , not sure if she still plays with Hudson Street Salvage....but in a different post on here , is the link to her videos on my Playlists Collections !

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Your Imaginary Friend - Hey Rowena

The Wizard liked this one very much ,gosh your famous , plus I liked his pronunciation of   -   Ro w annah !!!!!

Rowena's Song

The Wizard sends this out to you Rowena , my newest friend in the Phillipines & The World !!!!!

Frank Sinatra One for My Baby and One More For The Road mp4

For those who prefer the live version , so smooth ,this guy made COOL ! long before most people , even knew what COOL ! even Meant.......and the juke box in your joint was part of the family !!!!!

Frank Sinatra One for My Baby and One More For The Road mp4

Saturday, October 04, 2014

One For My Baby (Frank Sinatra - with Lyrics)

To this day I don't think any one but Frank , makes you feel like your sittin' next to him at Joe's Bar & Grill ,
you know the place with the great juke box !!!!!

WHAT'S POSSIBLE: The U.N. Climate Summit Film

The Wizard hopes he lives long enough to see a reversal  and not the frightening consequences of the People out there who are always denying that Man is the biggest contributor to the destruction of his own Home ! It scares the Hell out of me , what it might turn into ,if we don't act ASAP Today, Tomorrow could be too late !
There must be a way that everyone can afford to buy Solar or Wind Powered Energy creating technology NOW ,if this is ever going to work !

Do Not Read This

My Favorite ,well one of them , from Rod Serling's THE TWILIGHT ZONE was where Burgess Meredith was so happy to find the Library still standing in some apocalyptic aftermath. But then the poor guy drops and breaks his glasses , and everything in the Books are blurred....a definition of Hell ! Can you even imagine not being able to read, ANYTHING ? Even people who are Blind ,can learn to read Braille ! 

Friday, October 03, 2014

Accident between two vessels in suez canal 29/09/2014 in portsaid

Talk about Asleep at the Wheelhouse ! on both sides ! Cannot wait to see which ship was at fault ? You can forward to where the Shite hits the Fan , so to speak !

Friday, September 26, 2014

5 X WS Champion Legend!

In Baseball there are moments , tonight you could not have written the script any better for Derek Jeter's Final Game at Yankee Stadium as the Yankees SS!David Robertson comes in to close Yankees are up by 3 , thanks to 2 Rbis by The Captain. Robinson blows a 3 run lead save game is tied at 5 all! To jump ahead Gardner advances the man on first to 2nd ,with a beautifully laid down bunt. That Brings up Derek Jeter for his final at bat in Yankee Stadium as a MLB Player.I sat there thinking , if this pitcher is smart he will walk Jeter , guys like Derek Jeter , or Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods and so many greats in Sports ,live for these moments. Remember one thing , it would not have happened if Robinson had not just blown a 3 run lead with 2 out Top of the 9th. It was just like a dream as the Captain hit the ball between 1st & 2nd scoring the runner from 2nd and a Walk Off Win in his last at Bat at Yankee Stadium ! After they hugged all around and Mo ,Bernie , Jorge and Andy all came to hug their friend , Derek Jeter took his walk off Ice Bucket of Gatorade like just one of the BOYS OF SUMMER should , in his final days of being a MLB and more historically a 5 WS Champion Legend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Teemates - Moving out (60's GARAGE PUNK ROCKER)

The Wizard just does not get it , I am a NY City guy raised on the beginning of R&R Music of NYC Radio , but for the life of me I never heard of these guys....Plus i worked at Trude Hellers where many Bands who were not big played and I hung out at The Metropole Cafe , where they tell the story of being a house band there. That is how I found these guys looking for a band that was playing Trude Hellers and The Metropole in the 60s , somebody Paris I think and the band was Del something ,weird cause they were a great cover band , lead vocals guy was White and the band was three Afro-Americans but back then I think we said 3 Black dudes ! Now , the lead singer was a cross between Frankie Valli meets Joey Dee ! He had a great voice and they were great showmen ! I do hope someone will remember who I mean , I have left posts all over looking for someone or a pic , but no luck so far except a good blog ,that lists all the Garage bands ! They interviewed these guys , who The Wizard has no memory of , very interesting cause I had friends in the USAF I was stationed with who had great bands playing Rehobeth Beach and wound up doing Hullabaloo Clubs as they opened ,and maybe Shindig stuff too. The most interesting , was the leader Frank May was friends with Mike Stewart of WE FIVE & John Stewart's sister and they did one of his may be on here ,I forget ! Well like I say , I've forgotten more about Music ,then most people will ever know ! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Henry Red Allen 1941 CarnegieHall One O´Clock Jump w. Count Basie + 6 tr...

I use to stand outside and listen to the Metropole's Jazz bands in the 50's , then my Dad would come down and take me in , so much great music and history...Many greats played there , then became R&R in mid 60's ,then a Go-Go Strip joint and the end of Music greats playing there ! I wish my Memory could tell you all the names !