Friday, September 26, 2014

5 X WS Champion Legend!

In Baseball there are moments , tonight you could not have written the script any better for Derek Jeter's Final Game at Yankee Stadium as the Yankees SS!David Robertson comes in to close Yankees are up by 3 , thanks to 2 Rbis by The Captain. Robinson blows a 3 run lead save game is tied at 5 all! To jump ahead Gardner advances the man on first to 2nd ,with a beautifully laid down bunt. That Brings up Derek Jeter for his final at bat in Yankee Stadium as a MLB Player.I sat there thinking , if this pitcher is smart he will walk Jeter , guys like Derek Jeter , or Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods and so many greats in Sports ,live for these moments. Remember one thing , it would not have happened if Robinson had not just blown a 3 run lead with 2 out Top of the 9th. It was just like a dream as the Captain hit the ball between 1st & 2nd scoring the runner from 2nd and a Walk Off Win in his last at Bat at Yankee Stadium ! After they hugged all around and Mo ,Bernie , Jorge and Andy all came to hug their friend , Derek Jeter took his walk off Ice Bucket of Gatorade like just one of the BOYS OF SUMMER should , in his final days of being a MLB and more historically a 5 WS Champion Legend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Teemates - Moving out (60's GARAGE PUNK ROCKER)

The Wizard just does not get it , I am a NY City guy raised on the beginning of R&R Music of NYC Radio , but for the life of me I never heard of these guys....Plus i worked at Trude Hellers where many Bands who were not big played and I hung out at The Metropole Cafe , where they tell the story of being a house band there. That is how I found these guys looking for a band that was playing Trude Hellers and The Metropole in the 60s , somebody Paris I think and the band was Del something ,weird cause they were a great cover band , lead vocals guy was White and the band was three Afro-Americans but back then I think we said 3 Black dudes ! Now , the lead singer was a cross between Frankie Valli meets Joey Dee ! He had a great voice and they were great showmen ! I do hope someone will remember who I mean , I have left posts all over looking for someone or a pic , but no luck so far except a good blog ,that lists all the Garage bands ! They interviewed these guys , who The Wizard has no memory of , very interesting cause I had friends in the USAF I was stationed with who had great bands playing Rehobeth Beach and wound up doing Hullabaloo Clubs as they opened ,and maybe Shindig stuff too. The most interesting , was the leader Frank May was friends with Mike Stewart of WE FIVE & John Stewart's sister and they did one of his may be on here ,I forget ! Well like I say , I've forgotten more about Music ,then most people will ever know ! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Henry Red Allen 1941 CarnegieHall One O´Clock Jump w. Count Basie + 6 tr...

I use to stand outside and listen to the Metropole's Jazz bands in the 50's , then my Dad would come down and take me in , so much great music and history...Many greats played there , then became R&R in mid 60's ,then a Go-Go Strip joint and the end of Music greats playing there ! I wish my Memory could tell you all the names !

Friday, September 19, 2014

Derek Jeter delivers emotional farewell to fans in amazing Gatorade commercial |

Derek Jeter delivers emotional farewell to fans in amazing Gatorade commercial |

'via Blog this'Been a Yankees FAN since the Dodgers left Brooklyn ! I have been lucky to see many of the Greatest Yankees ever , and I have no doubt in my mind , that Derek Jeter
is also one of those Greats ! Definitely in the TOP 10 , The Captain will be Missed and to all those negative people who said Derek should not be playing , should not Bat in the No.2 slot , who is being selfish ! The FANS want Derek right where he is , until he 
retires and not a moment sooner ! Shame on those who would deprive all of Baseball's Fans , not just NY Yankees Fans of seeing , one of Baseball's All-Time Greats in his last Season. As real FANS we know when a Player deserves our respect & support to play until he says , No more Thanks ! Just like The Babe , Say-Hey Willie Mays , Cal Ripken Jr. The new Iron Man ,and so many others that played giving it their all , til they took off their uniform & glove and put down their Bat ,for the last time !

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aliki Chrysochou - Bring Me To Life (Wake me up inside) Britain's Got Ta...

Excellent interpetation musically ,and she keeps it in a beautifully done arrangement for the vocal !!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MasterChef US S05E18E19 HDTV MoViE1K Ag - Vidto

MasterChef US S05E18E19 HDTV MoViE1K Ag - Vidto Talk about a stacking the deck against your opponent ,in the Pressure Test Challenge for Leslie , not 1 not 2 but 3 Desserts and Courtney is a Baker ! BS , Masterchef after 7 attempts found a way to get rid of Leslie ,IMHO !
Good Luck Leslie !!! But Miracles do happen in the Kitchen , I know !!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Randy Newman - Burn On

Dedicated to the A-Holes at the R&R Hall of Fame , see next post for my reasoning ! Play this while you read the post....below this one> > > > >

Petiton to have the Moody Blues Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Petiton to have the Moody Blues Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Not Many Bands can say their first 7 albums from
Days of Future Passed
to Seventh Sojourn
are Classic works of Rock&Roll !

In the Beginning - GO NOW 

The Band Members from Days of Future Passed
and onward !

Today's Moodies !

The Moodies in their younger Days ,
were we all ever really so young !

'via Blog this'Howard Stern just Mentioned that the Moodies have not been inducted into THE R&R Hall Of Fame on AGT when a contestant sang Nights In White Satin ! I have had the first 7 Albums first on Vinyl and then on CD , and all I can say to the Hall of Fame , is Shame on You ! I was at Alan Freed's First R&R Show and Every Murray the K Show at the Brooklyn Fox ! I have seen Elvis Live , Sinatra , The Beatles together and their individual Tours. My nickname and my Blog is The Wizard of Rock&Roll and I am just so disappointed and shocked to hear this. WTF , someone needs to create the R&R Hall of Fame New York - Los Angeles , no offense to the City of Cleveland but whoever is ruining the name of R&R , I didn't say running , must have inhaled to many of the fumes when the Cuyahoga River caught fire !
Talk about an injustice and a travesty of claiming to be The R&R Hall of Fame ! I have been hearing over the Last few years other legendary groups either being snubbed or not inducting some but not all members , I think KISS just had a bit of a problem with whoever these Pre-Madonnas , think they are! I have to admit ,I do not know what the R&R HoF's exact criteria for induction is , but I do know that the Moody Blues were one of the Greatest Concerts and Music I have ever listened to and seen live at least 4 times ! The song GO NOW although a big hit in the 60s were not all the same personnel as they were when DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED and the rest of the Magnificent 7 Albums ,as I think of those first albums were created , so what ! Can someone out there possibly tell me how in The King's Name ,Elvis ! There be a fracking reason the Bozos missed this Bus , and not Inducted these incredible Artists , I'm afraid to ask , Is Jethro Tull and YES been inducted ! I know it took Neil Diamond longer then it should have , but this atrocity has me dumbfounded. So ,yes please I will gladly sign this petition and if I still was able to travel , I'd love to start a Protest outside the House of Fools , I mean the so-called R&R HoF , maybe they ate some Bad Acid and got confused on what the frack they were doing ! Or maybe they escaped from a Mental Health facility and the Lunatics are running the Asylum now. All I can say is , you guys better start inducting people that have paid their dues and are still out there , like I said when i was 16 yrs. old in Brooklyn ,NY .Would we still be going to see the R&R bands like the Rolling Stones , would they still be performing in their 60s &70s ! I guess we all know the Answer to that ? But it seems some dumb-asses are in Charge and letting the power go to their tiny Dick-brains..... 
 Big Bill aka The Wizard of Rock&Roll - Long before they Googled , 

people from all over the planet called

 The Wizard for their Worthless Knowledge queries and many still do ,

even tho The Wizard is in Thailand and R&R now stands for Resting and Retired !

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Market Day 2

This Guy looks quite happy and his bread quite tasty !

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The indisputable selfishness of Derek Jeter -

The indisputable selfishness of Derek Jeter - Jeter and Joe Girardi

'via Blog this'Yes , this guy is right about only one thing ,at 40 Derek Jeter is not retiring with the best performance of his career. Other then that , how many players out their his junior , aren't playing as good as he is at 40 ? Should Derek sit himself down and as the writer has stated , be un-selfish and let someone who might do better then Derek ,who might make it possible in this injury plagued year to still get the 2nd wild card spot. Those might's would then deprive so many Fans of the privilege , no not a privilege , the bragging rights to say they saw one of the greatest Yankees ever to play Baseball in his final season. Maybe not performing as well as he had in his previous years , but for one thing sure , trying and as usual giving it his all , with every swing ,every run down to first base and more heart then a Cano has ever shown , more Pride for the Yankees then A-Rod will ever have ! And that is why the writer of this story may think he is right to make his case ,but as a Yankees Fan of over 50 years and so tired of watching guys who make allot more bucks then many hard working people ,
fail to live up to the expectations that come with those BIG salaries.I would rather have one more year of the Captain , then anyone the writer of this article might even suggest should be put in his place.
The writer is probably a re-incarnation of someone who once sent the greatest Yankee of All-Time Babe Ruth ( according to voting in the ranking of great Yankees being counted now ) to another Team ! I stopped liking the Giants when they sent Willie Mays away, Now of course all this writer is talking about is , why shouldn't Derek Jeter bench himself , so someone might help the Yankees make the 
playoffs.....because all those people who buy tickets and watch the Yankees games every time they can , we all want to see the Captain play every last game he wants to.Not because a writer or a small number of baseball fans think he shouldn't be in the line-ups ! The majority of true Yankees fans deserve one more game from one of the Greatest Yankees to ever wear the uniform. Jeter will be talked about in the future with the names of Ruth ,Gehrig, Berra ,Ford, Rivera and all the other greats. The guy who wrote this won't be remembered for much more then a few days ! So you have a right to write your story and your opinion , but we have a right to tell you, Go to Hell , we want to pay our respects to one of the best in baseball in mine and many others lifetimes , til he has retired after the Yankees season ends ,whenever that may be !

Sunday, August 31, 2014

List Ranker - Rank 'Em: The 20 Greatest Yankees - ESPN

List Ranker - Rank 'Em: The 20 Greatest Yankees - ESPN:

'via Blog this'

Scenes From D-Day, Then and Now - In Focus - The Atlantic

Scenes From D-Day, Then and Now - In Focus - The Atlantic:

'via Blog this'    The Wizard invites you for a look into the Past & Future ! WAR & PEACE !

The Wizard actually was written about in a story about Train Travel in the USA in The Atlantic Monthly ,
By a young writer he had met on one of  his Legendary Train Trips
From New Orleans to LA To San Francisco to Denver onto Chicago ,
to Canandaigua (Rochester NY) to NYC onward to Dover onto New Orleans ! The Wizard carried his Ghetto Blaster
it was the mid 70s , The Wizard did the trip in 21 days with a
Rail Pass & lots of Booze ! Plus upgrading to Sleeping Rooms!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nick Danger: The Case of the Missing Yolks

The Firesign Theater created this insanity ,presumably when they were Stoned , not with rocks ! It is I believe their first tale from the Nick Danger Series of recordings , to become a video ! I will also Post their ad from the video , not for squeamish people !!!

Rat In The Box - The Firesign Theater ad

They Must have really been stoned out of their minds , when they came up with this !

Monday, August 25, 2014

DEA Warns Parents About Dangerous New Drug | Watch the video - Yahoo News

DEA Warns Parents About Dangerous New Drug | Watch the video - Yahoo News:

Spraying to scare & poison you !
'via Blog this'That is exactly like the Feds did with Refer Madness , the Movie ! The making of OIL has been around forever , but I'd bet a DEA chemist created this stuff , so they could kill a few people and create fear amongst Parents to be anti -legalization & decriminalization. That and keep the War on Drugs and their jobs going ! I remember the U.S. government's controversial decision in the 1970s to spray Mexican marijuana fields with Paraquat, a herbicide. Its use was primarily intended to destroy crops, but government officials also insisted that awareness of the toxin would deter marijuana smokers. It made some smokers deathly ill ! Hey , these are the people that Poisoned Alcohol during Prohibition, The idea being , if people knew it was going to make them sick or maybe even die ,They'd quit drinking ! Well , that didn't work , they did kill a lot of Americans.That is exactly their Evil fracking plan with this shite ! Scare tactics & kill off a few potheads , that will stop the Stoners!  And they don't care if they kill allot of us along their twisted path !  I am not trying to say this stuff is safe , i just know its another diversion from the path to legalization that the Government and their Narcs are famous for !!!
Never Buy from people you don't know or don't know if its free of toxins !

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Whats New Pussycat 1965 BRRip MoViE1K Ag - Vidto

Whats New Pussycat 1965 BRRip MoViE1K Ag - Vidto One of the Greatest comedies of the 60's , a great ''tour de force" by all , especially Peter Sellers & Woody Allen!!!!!


Watch the Story Behind the 'Wizard of Oz' You Never Got to See

Watch the Story Behind the 'Wizard of Oz' You Never Got to See:

Between this and Casablanca ,my 2 Favorite Movies for All-Time , The Wizard has easily watched both of them over a 100 times each , more probably ! I thought I knew all the tales of The Wizard of Oz , but after some were revealed at the 50th Anniversary , looks like they saved a few for the 75th...what will the 100th reveal , I just hope I will be here for it ? I hate to miss it cause I had to die , how rude would that be !!!!!
'via Blog this'Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz," circa 1939 (Everett Collection)

The Latest Way To Read A Book ! & Save the Paper of our Forests !!!