Thursday, August 21, 2014

Watch Wizard Wars - Season 1, Episode 1 – Spam-tastic! Online | Tv Show | Delishows

Watch Wizard Wars - Season 1, Episode 1 – Spam-tastic! Online | Tv Show | Delishows:

'via Blog this'I just watched Wizard Wars ,The series ! On Sidereel I wrote my review , gave it 5*****out of 5 ,I really liked it BUT , one thing I felt needed to be re-thought , when the first show ended Penn said The Resident Wizards won by a hair , over the Challengers. He said he had picked the Challenger , which I did too! So , the House Wizards get the Vote of the other 2 judges , but it did not seem right. I guess Penn & Teller get 1 vote ,? That is ok I guess ,they are one act; but I think a vote of the audience should be taken , with the Audiences Favorite Magicians of the Show they just watched , getting 1 or 2 Vote Points ,depending on the % difference of the Win. That % to be figured out by the shows Producers but I would say 2 Points over 60% and only 1 Point if between 41-50 %. Does that make sense to anybody out there???
Need to give the Audiences some say and prevent votes for magical friends ....not that that happened , but I just couldn't see Penn being wrong ,about who was the better Magicians in the opening Pilot Show's challenge ! Plus , I think it makes it better all-around !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sound Chaser, Florida's Premier YES Tribute Band

I just watched the YES Livestream on Yahoo , and I said :
 w/o Jon Andersen YES is No !
 Now , these guys as a tribute band do an excellent job too bringing the Music of YES to a audience that might not get to see them in concert anymore. YES like I said earlier w/o Andersen & Wakeman , or even Patrick Moraz on keyboards , just sound like a tribute band but with no energy like they had before ! This is pretty much same words as earlier post of Tribute Band from Italy. These guys sound even better , IMHO !
I wish you all could see the back in the 70s when i first did ,Un Freakin Real ,especially with some good trippin winow pane or was it Sunshine ! LoL

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Robin Williams Live at the Roxy 1978

The Wizard searched for a long time for this performance I use to have on VCR Tape , I think it was definitely , for his first big solo Performance just fracking incredible , many good shows to follow but this remains my favorite. Sit back and be prepared to laugh your ass-off , this was pure genius comedy !

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moody Blues on the Jimmy Fallon Show

I go back to Go Now ,which was a slightly different group of Band members , but was turned on to their new Music in '73 by a friend who was in love with Justin Hayward. When the first 7 albums had been completed ,I also enjoyed BLUE JAYS by Hayward - Lodge , now for any band to create 7 classic Album Rock works is more then any fan could ask and the following Albums that were made when they re-united , although not as outstanding in the way of the earlier albums , still contained songs to take them into the new Millennium as one of the Super-Groups of the 60's ! Plus ,after enjoying them in Concert 3-4 times , they still along with Pink Floyd , YES & Jethro Tull ,are my Favorite muscial groups of my life.!
 I stll believe "On the Threshold of a Dream is the greatest album to listen to when one goes Trippin' in whatever is your favorite state of mind , you choose to fly in ! I still  some days play all of the 7 and enjoy them for hours on end !

Thursday, July 24, 2014

US daredevil walks a highline across Thai buildings

Safer, then in the traffic below and can go that distance faster by WIRE , 

then in the Bangkok traffic in a Taxi, at 

certain times of the day. 

You really must be WIRED to do this ,

No pun intended !!! PS. And frackin' crazy too !

Friday, July 04, 2014

The Wizard's 4th of July Party Playlist !

Click here for The Wizard's July 4th Playlist of Music :
Happy Birthday USA !
Here The Wizard goes again,  plugging my July 4th Playlist on YOU TUBE for every body having a Party to celebrate America's Birthday or just like myself an ex-pat , a new immigrant citizen a retired Vet and Vets who did service  or just someone who appreciates  the USA except for our Politicians ! And who can fault me for that thought ? Yes, my Country tis of thee ,sweet land of liberty ; Happy 238 th Birthday coming soon ........................................!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Vengaboys - 2 Brazil! (Uncensored)

An Adult look at the WC 2014 Brazil ! Do not open anyplace you might be embarrassed by these
great mamarries or is it Memories ???

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Orange Blossom Special

To take a line dedicated to Willie Nelson , but if you knew this genius of the Fiddle personally ,then you'd know how true it was " I'll never smoke weed with Vasser again ! " I remember running around, trying to get him a playlist of the songs the different bands he would be sitting in with at a Concert in Steamboat Springs ,Co.
He calmly whispered in my ear his solution, "I'll just ask what key we\re in ! "
That's how good Vasser was ,just tell him the key and he could play the phone book ,as they say about those who can do it all !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lost in the SIXTIES-The Winds of Change

This is why your Parents are so ughhhhh! They were born in the 80's & 90's and your Grandparents were the 40's ,50's & 60's Swing & Rock&Roll eras , much cooler times to grow up in . Along with the new Millennium Babes like you guys,
us Baby Boomers were very Hip ! Until we needed new hips , well we can order those when needed and that is too Cool ! Our children think we are having 2nd Childhoods.....but what they don't realize , we never got out of our first ! Who says we're not kids anymore , physically true ! but mentally is a whole 'nother Ballgame !

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monk with Nina Conti

Brilliant routine and The Wizard agrees that some of these 

artists in this field , actually become their dummies , in their 

mind during routines ; that is almost scary in itself how good 

this monkey is and the lady is ok too!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

WaterCar Panther - The Most Fun Vehicle on the Planet! -

The Wizard really likes this , but does it have wings too ,can it fly?????

Criss Angel BeLIEve: Criss Rips Bodies Apart (On Spike)

Well , this is some Magic or illusion ,I wasn't scared until I 

really thought about it ! LOL  The Wizard loves how he ends it .....

......always leave them wanting more !!! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour

This made Yahoo , but here's what I said :How boring ,does it matter , the only person should care is the creator of the video ,
so if he lamely faked it and tis not real , all he did was make a fool for himself ! So what's it to be , truth or .........

Monday, June 16, 2014

Proud To Be

The early immigrants ,soon to be Americans , were not all heroes in their take over of what is now the USA ,
Genocide was in the hearts & minds of many , moving onto lands that these Tribes had lived on
for eons , not sure how far back the Tribes can be like "Roots" for example. Going back ,generations of
a native American's grandparents , as far as possible. What is known about the Land & the People that some of us come from , having had a member of the family way back ,who had married with people of different Natios of those 1600s & 1700s Calendar Times !
That has to be a incredible time period. All people did was go camping ,where they hunted for food or fished for food. Or smoked a peace pipe and went and hunted down some more munchies foods , of those by-gone days !
Washington needs to have their fans vote on a NEW Nickname or LOGO  Character ,just get rid of the RACIST one , White Man! I myself like the name RED STARS or Red Tornadoes or The Washington  Congressionals ! or the The Washington Presidentials or The Washington DCs or The Washington Rivers
or Constellations , come on ,get this guy that ownsthe team , to Change ,cause its the right thing to do !

Friday, June 13, 2014

BigBill Sawyer -The QWizard of Rock and Roll on Facebook !

BigBill Sawyer: The Wizard just put up a whole bunch of stuff including a Thai Girl Soccer from Playboy ,Thailand on my Facebook page ,hope this works ! They can kick my balls anytime !
see post above or below this one for video if link don't work! !
'via Blog this'

Playboy Thailand Soccer Team -- Are you ready?

The Wizard of Rock and Roll - Google+

The Wizard sayeth:
How about we give Tanaka the Nickname ,The Bullet Express ,after the Bullet Trains in Japan !
What do ya think???

Again! Yoenis Cespedes makes another marvelous throw | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

Again! Yoenis Cespedes makes another marvelous throw | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports:

'via Blog this' Two days in a row he makes an incredible throw to get the runner out! It's almost like he bobbles the fielding of the ball to get the runner to try for that one more base and then nails them . Except the distance on yesterday's throw was just unbelievable and Today's throw , also had the help of Josh Donaldson's good catch and tag on Albert Pujols! Oakland is playing some serious baseball ,that's for sure.!

Mike Coll (Preacher Man) Rocking it out

The Wizard's good friend and Bro , rocks some Bob Seger!!!!

The Latest Way To Read A Book ! & Save the Paper of our Forests !!!