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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Valentine's Day Playlist or I LOVE YOU More today , then Yesterday !

The Wizard follows Mardi Gras with his Playlist for Valentine's Day  , coming up Feb. 14 th and next month my St. Patrick's Day Playlist for that one day  we all turn Green , Some places even the Draft Beer !

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rolling Stones 1964 Pt 1,

Eric Clapton -Turning 71 in March ! Promise Land (Official Live Video)

Eric jumps to 71 next month but here's a great duet with another great Sonny Landreth ! Amazing how many people who did LSD in 60s are still truckin' and why are Baby Boomers not changing bad Politicians ? Surely there are still enough of us alive to make a difference in elections ???

Monday, January 11, 2016

Friday, January 01, 2016

WATCH LIVE: Times Square New Year’s Eve hosting one million - NY Daily News

WATCH LIVE: Times Square New Year’s Eve hosting one million - NY Daily News When I see The Ball Drop , I feel like the New Year arrives , must be my Heart is and will always be on NY Time , born in the City ,raised in Brooklyn ! Happy New Year Flo&BB

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year's EvE 2016 - Rockin' Dance Party with Over 10 Hours of Music !

The Wizard's Playlist for NYE 2016 , only a few hours to go here in Thailand , may we all have a Safe & Peaceful 2016 , with any luck at all!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tom Waits Waltzing Matilda live 1977

Wizard Got to see him live @Good Time Charlie's in the 70s in New Orleans French Quarter , hard to believe how talented this guy really is . Later he was brought to my bar I was tending @ Molly's Irish Pub and he ordered a Guinness Stout ,I asked him Room temp or chilled , he chose room temp . It's the way he said room temperature please , it was so poetic , really !

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Wizard's Halloween Party Playlist of Spooky Tunes!

Just a reminder for TWOR&R'S HALLOWEEN Playlist for Your Halloweenie Roast , bring thy own Stakes & Ribs All you Cool Ghouls , and all you Barbie Dolls & Friends Welcome ! Donations accepted , only Body Parts will do !

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Wizard's Halloween Party Playlist of Spooky Tunes!

The Wizard has added many new Spooky  Halloween related tunes to 

make your Dragon's Vampire meets The Zombies Ball for 2015 , ,a 

frightening event for years to come !!!

The Wizard's Halloween Party Playlist of Spooky Tunes!

The Wizard has added many new Spooky  Halloween related tunes to 

make your Dragon's Vampire meets The Zombies Ball for 2015 , ,a 

frightening event for years to come !!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Voice 2015 Battle - Celeste Betton vs. Mark Hood: "Ain't No Mountain...

One of the Best Duets ever , re-done almost as Good and The Wizard should know seeing marvin & Tammi do it at a Murray the K Show at the B'Klyn Fox in NYC in the 60s , as a Young R&R Fan in my Teens !!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You're Watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 2 Episode 30

You're Watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 2 Episode 30

John Oliver is quickly becoming a Comedic Ralph Nader as each week he gives us incredible stories on things in this World , that just ain't right ! I do kn ow he takes a lot of flack ,for commenting on USA based stories , the nerve of a POME telling US Yanks , that something in our Country isn't Kosher ! 
Just Sayin" , I'm a NY Brooklynite and even I will tell you that this guy is hitting the Nail right on the Head ! At least with some of our problems and the rest of the polluted World too ! This Week , John tells us about where ISIS buys its Favorite Transport or the Oil Biz in N.Dakota , un-real , not at all ! Deja Vu , for sure !!!

Friday, October 09, 2015

2016 Induction Ceremony | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

2016 Induction Ceremony | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
The Wizard is just sayin' :
There are 5 Nominees who have no Business in this Nominations for 2016 , when you still have no Nominees named  Jethro Tull or the Moody Blues Inducted ... or How about The Doobie Brothers or Charlie Daniels who pioneered Rock Country Music over 40 years ago. On all my social places the people think the R&R HoF is a joke. Instead of deserving Bands , you nominate from All Genres to expand your audience , not to Hail ,Hail Rock and Roll , the Generations now growing up saying , why is Grandpa or Grandmas Music so much better then today's ! That's why these Bands you fail to induct , have people thinking you have sold out the Hall to try to expand your visitations at the Hall and get bigger Audiences for the Induction Ceremonies on TV , to make Money !
    If these Five Bands are over-looked and one Artist as either a Solo or Band , and the other Non-R&R Nominees get inducted , as the only thing R&R Lovers liked about Janet Jackson , was her TiT popping out at the Super Bowl Halftime Show , years ago ! The Spinners were great , but it wasn't R&R but I liked it! 2016 YES ,Chicago ,Deep Purple , Cheap Trick and the Cars but I 'm not sure if Steve Miller is up Solo or as the Steve Miller Band.
    You will be losing People as long as you keep ignoring what so many people are saying about your Nominating this year : Janet, Chaka Khan and NWA a rapper group ! Los Lobos deserving but Nine Inch Nails what's the rush ! Poor Joe Cocker's Rolling Over not Stoned in his grave , as you passover him , the guy everyone loves singing With a Little Help from My Friends , better then Ringo's Beatles version ...its just a great song and Joe made us all feel him ! As he did on all his hits and duets ! Cocker was a Soul Man ! Well , I will copy this and pass ,I mean Post it around !
So pls share this and maybe the Hall of Shame will Shake ,Rattle and Roll , then wake up Little Susie and They will, They will ROCK YOU !
Sorry my Meds are kicking in on my 68th , also John Lennon's Birthday too !

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall 2009 full

The Wizard Got to see Smokey Robinson& The Miracles, when his wife was also part of the Miracles on back-up vocals , they were so Good ! I did see Little Stevie Wonder doing Fingertips #1 and # 2 , both were performing in Brooklyn at # MurraytheKR&RRevues #TheBrooklynFOX ! Then the #BritishInvasion shook everything up big time ! It also got more recognition for Black Artists especially with the Brits who all wanted to be Bluesmen , turning on the youth of the World onto Many greats like #BBKING , then #Slowhand or #EricClapton if you prefer and he goes Big Time with #Cream and
#Derek&The Dominoes . Most people may never heard of Hendrix if he had not gone to England and as they believe , discovered Jimi !

CeeLo Green - "Robin Williams" [Official Audio]

The Wizard feels this was a great Tribute to Robin and some fellow Comedians , that many people may not have heard ! Even tho it ain't R&R..... I liked it !

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crosby, Stills and Nash - Almost Cut My Hair - Madison Square Garden, NY...

Best version of this Classic of the Hippie Lifestyle and Long Hair I think The Wizard has ever heard CS&N do , better even the recording ! But when your peers are watching you , no matter what your gig is , everyone tries a little bit  harder ! In this Case,  David Crosby reared back on his vocals and put a whole lotta soul into it ! At the Shameful R&R Hall of Fame 
25th Anniversary Show ! So many greats as yet not inducted , its a crying shame , as some say who cares ! As Aretha sang it
 R-E-S-P-E-C-T !
 But when has R&R and its followers ever been respectful ! I say from the beginning of it all , and I was there.....we may not have behaved well all the time , but allot of the bad Behavior was provoked , granted by drugs , sometimes , but many time by Police in the audiences. I saw that more then once in a while.
     I just cannot believe Deep Purple , Yes , The Moody Blues , Jethro Tull , Chicago and The Doobie Brothers , just to mention a few Bands who the inmates at the R&R HoF have not inducted . especially , those that are still touring ! Yet Abba , Rappers and Madonna inducted, too mention a few ,  WTF are they , they ain't R&R to me !

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Watch Desperate Journey (1942) rip avi

Watch Desperate Journey (1942) rip avi One of Ronald Reagan's and Errol Flynn's Best Movies , portraying a Bomber Squadron who are dodging Nazis and ...just watch it great flick !

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Froggy the Gremlin and Lecturers

All of us who grew up on the early days of TV , will never forget the Geniuses of Children's programming in the 50s & 60s. We heard from a Howdy Dooty fan , but Crusader Rabbit and Rags the Tiger and Winky Dink & You ! , also were fun . Then there was Shari Lewis and LambChop or Paul Winchell & Gerrry Mahoney , ventriloquists and who could forget Farfo & Jimmy Nelson , Nestles Chocolate commercial ! Then Clarabell magically became Captain Kangaroo with Tom Terrific and Manfred Mann the Wonder Dog's Adventures. Then the Villains like Crabby Appleton ,The meanest man in the World or Mister Phineas T Buster the tight wad , not even to mention Kukla ,Fran & Ollie. I'm sure you will find some of these great characters from those days way back when, here on YT ...Its not really becoming a 2nd Childhood for us Seniors but never finishing our First ! I still love Good Animation and Classic Cartoon Character , What's up Doc? !

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

West Side Story - Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra

I listen to every Version of this Overture or whatever version of Music it is released in. I have to say this is a Brilliant rendition of one of my all - time Favorite Musicals , and I feel the power in their hearts playing this terrific rendering of incredible Music from the 1950s Beat Generation to not even 10 yrs. later becomes Hippies in "HAIR - The American Tribal Rock Musical" , one was Jazzy from the West Side Story and one was the East Village and Washington Square being Rocked & Rolled , and I got to see them both ! This is incredible and well Conducted !

Yes - Live 12/8/1999 Beacon Theatre NYC "The Ladder" Tour

Don't get The Wizard wrong , I still love the Music , and I cannot explain it , but w/o Jon Andersen on Vocals , it just hasn't got a Good Energy Feeling and the pace of this replacement guy guy on leads now-a-days feels too slow a pace .....anybody out there have the same feeling , listening to them w/o Anderson? I really hope they will get into the R&R Hall of Fame or Shame , if u please ! Especially with founding member Chris Squire 's Departure to The Next Life having occurred just a few months ago ! RiP ! I do hope YES just keeps replacing members and touring , for as long Fans go listen,as just like the Classical Composers Music is played by big Orchestras all over the World , will we go to see performances of the bands like YES , MOODY BLUES , JETHRO TULL and many more great R&R Bands who will be going up to R&R Heaven ..... or Down to R&R ' Hell' Z -a- Poppin' , and u better cum'-a- Rockin' ! !

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Wizard likes his Women , off their Rockers !
Well I will be 68 soon and I need a Granny who ain't in a WC
like The Wizard of R and R !

WM Dolls 140 cm real love and sex doll

Even A real life - like Barbie would cost less or more , what u think ? Then this Doll's going to be ! And people were picking on Tiger over some kinky thing he liked , BTW , do they come with a Peeing Tube for Golden Shower & Squirting Fetishers ?

Brazilian Waxing - The Way to Apply Oil After Waxing

Kids today , have a new Method of Learning about the Birds&the Bees , its called The Internet , It is Where you go to watch Porno and then Watch You Tube to learn about the crazy shite you just saw ,
for example , you never know when ur GF or BF ask you to do a wax job on them or each other and now you will also learn another use for oils for the skin and lubricating of those hidden places of FUN !
          Here is something new I learned to know just recently.....I knew it but never heard it said outloud before , is what I should say !
That it is a Fact or not , just sounded good anyways. The Clitoris , has no other use then for the Fulfillment of Sexual Pleasures ! But The Wizard always knew that ....for sure !!!!

Vagina Inflatable

    A whole new meaning to the term :
" It's so big u could get Lost in it ! ' So sayeth The Wizard !

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Free Marijuana Prisoners - Tommy Chong's Story

I never knew that Lenny Bruce agreed with me , as I have posted many times in many places , that the Marijuana Laws were initially enacted as a way to give Prohibition Federal Agents a job as it ended. Plus , it was contained in mostly Black American Communities , especially the Musicians , as I have also stated before. Very interesting story !!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Allman Brothers: Dreams (lyrics)

Dan Fogelberg and The Wizard met at my Club ,upstairs above the Limelight bar on St. Ann & Bourbon St., called Boomers in '77. We did St. James Infirmary and the Allman Brothers song  DREAMS . What a really great guy he was , it was just after his first Album or 2nd I forget , was released ! Souvenirs , was the 2nd . Home Free first . I posted this , cause I sang it with only Dan playing acoustic Guitar and a half-dozen customers sitting around with no idea who he was , except me and a friend of both of us !

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Funny Ads Commercials From Thailand - Compilation 2015

These are Crazy at times !!!!!

Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

The Wizard sayeth this abouta dat !
Helium does that , I think they inhale some and then drink the beer and the helium is doing it but not the Beer , but when you carbonate water you use a gas ! So maybe it isn't made that way they add the Gas to the open beer and it gets foamier from it and you get Squeeky the Mouse on Andy's Gang ! Cause it has helium-nated the Beer like when their carbonating water , just sayin' !

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Wizard's Still got the Blues for y'all !

Share this and Let's see how many Countries love the Blues , if in comments people just put Country but in USA add ur State like I'm USA,NY or now I live retired in Thailand so , originally where everyone is from ...sorry#MedsarekickinIn !

Monday, July 27, 2015

One Minute Sermon

Christian Rap , you might say ? Well delivered !!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beautiful, Toned, Perfect Girls on Pinterest | Sexy, Sexy Girls and Babes

Beautiful, Toned, Perfect Girls on Pinterest | Sexy, Sexy Girls and Babes: The Ladies on this page are quite HoT TOOOOOO !!!!!

'via Blog this'

Pins from on Pinterest

Pins from on Pinterest
The amount of Lovely Asian Ladies that are so Photogenic , who are posing and this is only a small bunch of shots but amazing amounts of Pretty Women ! Pluralizing Roy Orbison's Song , The Wizard thinks they are deserving to be called Women or Ladies, even tho some may still only be girls or teens!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Erowid Albert Hofmann Vault : Interview by Michael Horowitz

Erowid Albert Hofmann Vault : Interview by Michael Horowitz
The Wizard's Favorite Doctor ,
enjoy this Brilliant interview with a Real Wizard ,
if you really consider how much an influence , 
his discovery of LSD-25, 
had on Artists creativity in  , 
Music !

2015 All-Star Game Final Vote | Events

2015 All-Star Game Final Vote | Events

The Wizard is a Fan of these 2 #MLB    Ballplayers who Play with #VoteGardy
 lotta HEART ! 
All-Around Player !