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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Contact say "The Wizard sent me or Just Go ROCK the VOTE !

Contact say "The Wizard sent me or Just Go ROCK the VOTE ! Please Share this or yell at me or do something !
Ok , dont's click off ,just yet.....I hope people will VOTE , this Election !
Forget about Parties , unless its to raise money for Organizations attempting to help Veterans of all Horrible WARS , that steal our young men & women way too soon in life and for what purpose ? So some S-o- Bees , can show a better profit margin , the NRA will not be reasonable
with common sense on Laws to Protect us against the wrong person's hands , having them wind - up - in ! , But ,please send this forward , only if you just are 50-50 for or against , some or all this Medicated Vet is babling-on about !
Don't just remember our Vets , while they are in WAR but most especially , when they are back from WAR and in their elderly years , as I hear I am now!
Funny when your young , and you ponder from a movie or something about the rumor of old age is a 2nd childhood refernce....I think what happens is some of us Mentally are still kids at heart.....I was 23 when I became a human being.....others sorrowfully get Oldzheimers....Yes I spelled it wrong for the
people I'm trying to get Un-seated , But the Balls in your glove now , throw that VOTE in ! Then we really will Have a Happy Ending , no PUN intended , 
I think !

     The Wizard just sent this to DNC for an ad campaign and asking all of you who agree with me to give the Democrats the vote in 2014 , if they don't come thru , then vote a different way , if you weren't satisfied ! Plus , share my POST with all your friends ,Please....they need to Change this CONGRESS !
                                  I have a great idea to get the message out to Young voters as a advertisement idea : 
                  Climate Change for Dummies & Republicans
                                By The Wizard of R&R 
                                    aka ,Big Bill Sawyer
          Chapter 1 >>>> Will our Planet Survive Changes Yes or No ?

Page 1 >>>> Before you answer YES or NO , ponder these thoughts ???

 A ) Have you noticed any changes in the weather in your area , just this Millennium. For Dummies & some Republicans : that is since the year 2000 AD

B )  Have you noticed any more rain causing more flooding or less rain, possibly causing a drought ; where you or anyone out there in the world , related or not Categories , happens to Live??? For Dummies & Some Republicans , that is every person Born on Planet Earth of the Human Species. 
            ( The ones that are smarter then Chimpanzees )
           Yes , includes all of you Dummies and All Republicans !!!
  Yes , you can be both a Republican and a Dummy and if you Voted Republican , you probably are ! Is that Right ?
               If you want Global Climate Change to get Worse 
                       Be A Dummy & Vote Republican
                 Brought to You by all Lovers of Rock & Roll      
                                 and Mother Earth
     ( Mother Earth is our Planet , Third rock from the Sun )
           For All you Dummies , who may not know , 
                        See our Next campaign 
                 Planet Earth for Dummies & Aliens
                                  # Republicans
Hopefully , will send it on Google, FB & Twitter asking to share ! To tell young people on-line to get off their Butts , and get rid of the Corporate Loving Republicans NOW !
ASKING You to just to forward and share , with the idea , telling your friends to vote , that's the important thing !

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