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Monday, February 24, 2014

American Band - Grand Funk Railroad

What's scary to me , The Wizard has seen everyone of the clips used when they originally aired on TV or the movie it was in! I mean you can't miss Gilligan's Island & The Monkees ! 
  Should be a Senior or AARP 's test to check your memory !
I do remember that in '73 GFR while on tour were supposedly telling Concert goers that Drugs were BAD or EVIL , not sure which or if  both or if True or not ! Snopes and the WEB weren't around then. As the story went then : It killed their popularity and their tour got cancelled and they faded from the scene. That's what the Coconut Telegraph had to say ! Which I guess how Stoners & Druggies communicated in the Hippie Era days! 

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