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Thursday, October 01, 2015

The 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall 2009 full

The Wizard Got to see Smokey Robinson& The Miracles, when his wife was also part of the Miracles on back-up vocals , they were so Good ! I did see Little Stevie Wonder doing Fingertips #1 and # 2 , both were performing in Brooklyn at # MurraytheKR&RRevues #TheBrooklynFOX ! Then the #BritishInvasion shook everything up big time ! It also got more recognition for Black Artists especially with the Brits who all wanted to be Bluesmen , turning on the youth of the World onto Many greats like #BBKING , then #Slowhand or #EricClapton if you prefer and he goes Big Time with #Cream and
#Derek&The Dominoes . Most people may never heard of Hendrix if he had not gone to England and as they believe , discovered Jimi !

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