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Friday, October 09, 2015

2016 Induction Ceremony | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

2016 Induction Ceremony | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
The Wizard is just sayin' :
There are 5 Nominees who have no Business in this Nominations for 2016 , when you still have no Nominees named  Jethro Tull or the Moody Blues Inducted ... or How about The Doobie Brothers or Charlie Daniels who pioneered Rock Country Music over 40 years ago. On all my social places the people think the R&R HoF is a joke. Instead of deserving Bands , you nominate from All Genres to expand your audience , not to Hail ,Hail Rock and Roll , the Generations now growing up saying , why is Grandpa or Grandmas Music so much better then today's ! That's why these Bands you fail to induct , have people thinking you have sold out the Hall to try to expand your visitations at the Hall and get bigger Audiences for the Induction Ceremonies on TV , to make Money !
    If these Five Bands are over-looked and one Artist as either a Solo or Band , and the other Non-R&R Nominees get inducted , as the only thing R&R Lovers liked about Janet Jackson , was her TiT popping out at the Super Bowl Halftime Show , years ago ! The Spinners were great , but it wasn't R&R but I liked it! 2016 YES ,Chicago ,Deep Purple , Cheap Trick and the Cars but I 'm not sure if Steve Miller is up Solo or as the Steve Miller Band.
    You will be losing People as long as you keep ignoring what so many people are saying about your Nominating this year : Janet, Chaka Khan and NWA a rapper group ! Los Lobos deserving but Nine Inch Nails what's the rush ! Poor Joe Cocker's Rolling Over not Stoned in his grave , as you passover him , the guy everyone loves singing With a Little Help from My Friends , better then Ringo's Beatles version ...its just a great song and Joe made us all feel him ! As he did on all his hits and duets ! Cocker was a Soul Man ! Well , I will copy this and pass ,I mean Post it around !
So pls share this and maybe the Hall of Shame will Shake ,Rattle and Roll , then wake up Little Susie and They will, They will ROCK YOU !
Sorry my Meds are kicking in on my 68th , also John Lennon's Birthday too !

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