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Monday, April 20, 2015

Michelle Manhart Arrested for Protecting US Flag from Desecration

I understand her desire to stop what she feels was disrespect to the Flag but I also think she should understand the Protesters right to freedom of Speech , whether she agrees with them or not . I feel this was just a attention grabbing act on her part . I am not sure but isn't there any laws in place that makes disrespect to our County's Flag a misdemeanor. It probably was overturned by Supreme Court , if there were a law , cause it violates Freedom Of Speech I believe ! I kind of remember something to that affect some years back. As a Veteran I do understand her anger , but when the officers commanded her to release the Flag to them and she resisted their efforts , she committed the 2 wrongs don't make a right scenario !
I think she just wanted to Impress her boyfriends at FOX-Newsless , did she enjoy her 15 minutes of Fame !

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