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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jägermeister - How Jägermeister is made.

 I and a bartender named Freak worked together in the New Orleans French Quarter area on Bourbon St. The bar was run by Dutch ,the Furher we called him ,great guy ,well we adopted Jaggermeister as our shooter , and freak and I were responsible for the Jaggermeister boon that happened in USA in late 70s & early 80s....the son of the importer came to my restaurant in Colorado when my salesladt told him of me ,he called Dutch and he already knew Freak and Dutch told him I was the other bartender that was responsible for it going ballistiv in popularity ,all because it was our Shooter of choice ,we turned other French Quarter bartenders on , they in turn turned bartenders & wait staff who came to see them from outside the FQ...then freaking MARDI GRAS came and new Orleans bartenders turned on all those tourists there to party and they went back home and that's how Jaggy became huge in USA ! True story ,if we could only make the movie !

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