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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Ending Massage (Uncut Version)

The Wizard is responsible for coining this term in Norfolk ,Virginia back in 1969 , I had a friend who owned Miss Masseuse , a very popular with the US NAVY & Military personnel massage parlor off of the bar area on Granby St. where sailor's would hang out. He needed a catch-phrase to advertise with , so I said
" Miss Masseuse where all your Massages have Happy Endings"  You must understand ,it was the Viet Nam War Era , and Miss Masseuse was doing thousands of Military personnel  a month in business; many of whom were then deployed to the SE ASIA War Zone , plus our bases in Philippines , Thailand and other areas. Many of the Places in Asia had some forms of massage. Here comes thousands of US GI's getting Massages and asking the girls for Happy Endings ,which was the term used at Miss Masseuse in Norfolk ,that I had made up ! Well ,it caught on and became the well know slogan used in Massage Parlors to this Day  
all over the World !
 I've gotten old enough not to be afraid to admit to being the dirty young man ,who was responsible for this Part of Massage Parlor Terminology and the rest is History  It has become the jargon for a Hand job  at the end of a ok massage to make it much Happier & Healthier ,so to think !

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