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Sunday, December 29, 2013 Dock Ellis LSD No-Hitter Dock Ellis LSD No-Hitter:
As reported by Snopes , we take the Man at his word and why make up the story??? The Wizard will say this , I totally agree he most certainly wasn't peaking , but how many micro-grams had he ingested to begin with. Doc may never had enough Acid in him to do anything more then get a rush of energy to begin with ,or he still had plenty of energy to release with the Acid in his system even tho'
he might be on the coming down side of the trip.If your really good at what you do ,you can pull - off performing way over your head , from this extra energy you still have on the way down. It really isn't out of your system for 24 hours . Although ,it can wear you out ,
and cause fatigue , that is more likelyAcid with speed in it !
       Look at some Rock stars incredible performances , they were tripping their brains out ,yet kept it together. The Wizard performing in a Cast of HAIR at the TIDEWATER DINNER THEATER in 1972 or 3 can say this for sure, I was on a full hit of Blotter the night the whole Cast took Acid ,magic Mushrooms or Brownies ( the brownie munchers actually got contact highs from all the trippers!
A good friend of mine Billy Smith , was in the audience that night.Billy had seen NY ,DC and LA performances of HAIR and thought we were the best. Then I told my tale to Billy of everyone flying high , Billy didn't believe me. So I pointed out a few silly things that happened ;including where we the entire cast stripped naked during the BE-IN scene ending the 1 st Act. We had been forbidden by the TDT owner of doing this ,because of Police threats,
to close the show down. We all got yelled at ,apologized and survived to do it again in the Final performance of the run. I pointed out 2 other goofy times and he started to say :"well a few people did look a bit fucked -up". If only they really knew how ripped we really were.
    Also ,William Morris agents were at the show looking for cast members for the movie. It didn't get made til later on , so no one was Cast in HAIR ,which was a terrible version compared to Live Shows.So sayeth The Wizard !!!!!

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