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Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Things We Love About Italy

10 Things We Love About Italy:
The Wizard thinks back to his youth , 
enjoying the City Of New York
during the weeks leading up to Christmas !
Plus the number of different places I've got to enjoy 
New Year's Eve Celebrations !!!
The Wizard since turning the legal age to tend bar 
in whatever State I was living in at the time,has never gone out on a New Year's 
Eve , unless I was on my way to work, after the age of 21.
I followed a wise man's advice about going out NYE :
''It's amateur night in the Bars & Clubs , stay at home
unless you got to go to work . Too many Amateurs turn into 
Scary Monsters on that one day a year they go get smashed " 
           From 'The Doorman on 7th Avenue" a story about my Dad in his Park Sheraton Hotel days as a House Detective and then Doorman , at one of New York's Top Hotels in the 40s& 50s ,which changed into a corporate , less classy a hotel joint in the 60s !!!!!
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