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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No mosque at Ground Zero

Well it may not be 1776 but it's still a Brit , trying to tell Americans that their right to freedom of religion , which if you knew American History in the first place;was one of the main reasons many of our founding-fathers settled in the Colonies , now called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !
So as a ex-USAF Vet and patriotic American , please leave your opinions on what is none of your business, out of ours!
If you think all of Islam is Evil , that's like me being Catholic and thinking all Proterstants in England are Evil , for their genocide attempt in Ireland and other former colonies of the British Empire's by-gone days ! Amen !!!
Once again racism rears its ugly head , using religion as its symbol..... if everyone wanted to stike back at the Arabs , just outlaw all gas engine autos; or better , everyone stop driving cars !
Lets not even mention BP in the gulf...what is the acronym meaning of BP : Wiki - BP plc[2] is a British-based global energy company which is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. So maybe the Gulf oil spill is the British payback for "The Battle of New Orleans" ; and now this ecological disaster could become much more costly then even the most sorrowful event in USA History...and I don't mean just in money!
So, should we not think that maybe this was some English Lord's payback for his family's losses in the Revolutionary days, long ago !
BTW , I've got so many good friends in England and had great holidays there , and I have many Muslim friends !
This is what people have to understand , that their is good and evil, some people are one and some people are the other ! Then we have people who claim that they are good and you are evil ! A righteous man knows the difference between the two !!!
A great Patriotic American in our country's early days wrote a book , really a pamphlet , whose title says it all : COMMON SENSE ! Your words, though well spoken , are exactly what causes the good men of Islamic Society to waver and believe there only choice may be to side with their former enemies of Islamic Extremeism....I only hope America sees this and as she has always done , stayed on the path , our fore-fathers set our great nation upon ! Not that long ago !!! Peace !!!!!

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