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Friday, September 04, 2009

Stop listening to the Worthless Bullshit lies against health care reform !

The facts are getting totally lost in the hysteria over health care reform:


1. NONE of the bills being crafted in the Senate include a tax increase to pay for a public option. That's NONE, people... do you understand ZERO??

2. The plan would NOT BE MANDATORY for anyone, but would be AVAILABLE to anyone who wants to change insurance and to the millions of people who have no insurance. You can keep your existing insurance!!! Why are people screaming that they're going to be forced into "socialized medicine"??

3. Senior citizens will be not "reviewed" for possible denial of health care. There are no DEATH PANELS being considered, it's a total rumor, lie, misunderstanding, whatever --get over it folks, everybody (even politicians) has/had parents and grandparents, and are getting older themselves, and nobody would ever ever get into that scenario.

4. One of the options that actually has bi-partisan support will be that health care companies cannot refuse to insure anyone based on PRE-EXISTING conditions. This will change the lives of millions of people who are stuck in dead-end or hated jobs because they have to keep their insurance. This is a good thing!!

Quit listening to the ranting and ravings of right-wing politicians, protestors and radio/TV personalities. They have their own agenda and the whole fight boils down to one thing: POWER. The Republicans do not want a Democratic administration to resolve the health care crisis because it would imply that the Republicans couldn't or wouldn't do it, and it would ensure that Democrats will be re-elected. The only way Republicans can get back in power is to defeat every plan that the administration comes up with. They don't care what's best for the country, only what's best for THEM. Stop shrieking about what you heard somebody say or some e-mail you got, and actually research the health care proposals.

By the way, Canada's health care gets used a lot as a bad example, but that's the model that was used for the U.S. Medicare system, and we even borrowed the name "Medicare" from Canada too. People I know who are on Medicare (or were, like my parents before they deceased) thank God for it... where would millions of elderly people be without Medicare? dead.

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