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Friday, September 04, 2009

EVONY - Invitations !!! Just click any of the links in this post , to sign - up to The Wizard's latest addiction (and its free) , I usually am not a Video game player but this one is fun and its all on their servers...if you want to spend money , you can ! My debit card don't work on-line , so I wish I could but can't...they have PAY PAL too but remember....if you want to buy , you can , but no one bothers you to !!! Please forward to your friends , they can use my link for an invite also , just sign in at the URL .I'm Lord William the Large , I am on server World 8...our Alliance is CONQUEST OR Flower is in Diamond , if you get there , I'll try to get you in our Alliance...FUN & FREE , have some !!!!!

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