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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Randy & The Rainbows played at thr re-union......they should be about the Stone's age....their big hit was a song called "Denise"....I think somebody copied it ??? ( Google Time Out ) Well I'll look later , the little woman needs me !!!
DELSHOME The Wizard has found his High School Alumni site.....I went nuts emailing people I haven't seen or heard from in over......let's just say awhile....I got one reply and he wasn't sure if he could remember my name...then he wrote "is this a porn site".....I hope my reply with some facts , awakens his memory , the site did mine......WOW .....I forgot , almost , to mention my name was there as an unheard from but I was in contact by email with someone organizing our re-union , so he never forwarded my request to announce at the party , on where I was , I don't think he was in my graduating class !!!

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