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Saturday, October 28, 2017

At the Wizard's Halloween Playlist of Spooky Tunes!

The Wizard has created a Monster of a Playlist for every type of Foolish Ghoulish & Coolest Monsters , he could think of in Song .....
for the Best of the Worst if you prefer !
Please Share or drop or hang yourself ,The Wizard a long or short Newt , on how you feel this Playlist was for you???

The Wizard has created a GROSS Playlist for Creepy&Spooky GALS & GHOULS to enjoy on All Hollows Eve ,also known as : HALLOWEEN !
The Wizard owns no copyrights ,they all belong to the Scary people out there !
Don't forget to BYOB ( Bring your own blood to the Party ! ) not to mention but stakes are on the Menu ,with Bloody Mary's & Zombies !
Be safe and be afraid , yes be afraid , be afraid , very , very , very afraid u b ,don't U C !!!! 

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