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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Day After (1983) - Classic Movie Channel

If you want to see what would happen if any CRAZIES out there were to detonate even ONE Nuclear Device or WMD !
Please , this may be the Best look into a Apocalyptic Event or WW III , it really won't matter ,cause either way the world not may be the same. It just will not be !
This and a British Made for TV movie on a SMART BOMB exploding in a area of LONDON by someone VERY STUPID . Both of these Flicks , will show you how really un-prepared and too un-ready we really are to face a Nuclear Battle on this Planet ! So when anyone gets a notion that we should Baddda-Bing ole N.Korea and Dennis Rodman's Buddy there , only a Madman will go first ! You will recognize some good actors in their younger days in the cast !

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