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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Wizard's 4th of July Party Playlist - 2016 !

This Playlist is a Collection of Songs that are meant to be both Patriotic and appreciative of this our USA Day of Independence. That so many have given their lives ; so we may enjoy the Freedoms guaranteed us by our Constitution & Bill of Rights ! The only thing I feel I have any rights to , is the National Anthem and all other material is the property of the Copyright owner's . I make no monies and this playlist is only for Celebrating the Birthday of the United States of America ! Please enjoy it and appreciate the songs that are included to honor our Country & the Men & Women who are at this moment serving in Countries all over the World in our Armed Forces ! God bless them and God Bless our United States of America on this special day and everyday .Happy 4th of July !

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