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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yes - Live 12/8/1999 Beacon Theatre NYC "The Ladder" Tour

Don't get The Wizard wrong , I still love the Music , and I cannot explain it , but w/o Jon Andersen on Vocals , it just hasn't got a Good Energy Feeling and the pace of this replacement guy guy on leads now-a-days feels too slow a pace .....anybody out there have the same feeling , listening to them w/o Anderson? I really hope they will get into the R&R Hall of Fame or Shame , if u please ! Especially with founding member Chris Squire 's Departure to The Next Life having occurred just a few months ago ! RiP ! I do hope YES just keeps replacing members and touring , for as long Fans go listen,as just like the Classical Composers Music is played by big Orchestras all over the World , will we go to see performances of the bands like YES , MOODY BLUES , JETHRO TULL and many more great R&R Bands who will be going up to R&R Heaven ..... or Down to R&R ' Hell' Z -a- Poppin' , and u better cum'-a- Rockin' ! !

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