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Friday, September 11, 2015

Brazilian Waxing - The Way to Apply Oil After Waxing

Kids today , have a new Method of Learning about the Birds&the Bees , its called The Internet , It is Where you go to watch Porno and then Watch You Tube to learn about the crazy shite you just saw ,
for example , you never know when ur GF or BF ask you to do a wax job on them or each other and now you will also learn another use for oils for the skin and lubricating of those hidden places of FUN !
          Here is something new I learned to know just recently.....I knew it but never heard it said outloud before , is what I should say !
That it is a Fact or not , just sounded good anyways. The Clitoris , has no other use then for the Fulfillment of Sexual Pleasures ! But The Wizard always knew that ....for sure !!!!

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