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Monday, January 26, 2015

Watch Love, Lust or Run Episodes Online | TV Shows | SideReel

Watch Love, Lust or Run Episodes Online | TV Shows | SideReel
The Wizard has always been a non-lover of too much Reality on TV these days ! So out of the Blue I decided to see what this LOVE LUST or RUN Show was all about. It sounded tempting ?

                         I do have to say I liked the idea as soon as I realized it was going to involve Shopping for Women's Clothing ,

for Women who dress poorly , as a way to be noticed. Plus , tho that alone sounds Crazy enough , it is also how real their look may have felt to them but was seen and only the stay away from & dirty minds choices ever get picked....I just hope it is real , easy to stage a show like this , but I felt real dismay by the first two Ladies to get revamped . and true excitement in their faces , when they realized they looked really hot or at Least down with how she was looking when the Stylists work was all set & done. Really interesting & I 'd love to be a re-fashioned 67 yrs. young Man in a Wheelchair , looking good , rather then just comfortable in my WC ! I use to love to take my previous wives & Live-ins Common Law or Legallly Married except my present wife of 15 years , who has no desire to wear anything but T-Shirts & Slacks or Jeans ! Maybe I miss all that shopping & on-line buying isn't as much FUN . LOL !

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