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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paul Harvey " Policeman " One of His Best Narrations

I feel very sorry for the 2 Policemen in Brooklyn murdered when they were just out on Patrol doing their job , and a crazy linked their murders to incidents their fellow officers were involved in , but they had nothing to do with those incidents. Paul Harvey who was a radio voice telling us the rest of the story when I was a kid in Brooklyn and many years after. This is his story "POLICEMAN" Everyone should realize the acts of a few Police Officers going overboard in the handling of some well publicized incidents , should not be blamed on the Police Officer's all over this country , and it is sad that it seems like they have been let off the hook in cases where they surely seemed to deserve some punishment , hard to say if you were not present , facts get twisted. Is there a recording of a guy screaming while being choked , it would seem if he was being choked how could he be yelling? I guess Justice will be served upon the guilty when they meet their Maker , as the saying goes ! Paul Harvey's story is one of his best narratives , in the Wizard's opinion !

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