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Saturday, December 13, 2014

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

Its hard for The Wizard to figure out , is it the new strains of POT that's available in Wonderland ,
or are they just passing out Magic Mushroom Omelettes for Break-Fast @ YT !
Could the Government still be trying to Control our creativity by Passing out new types of LSD , when the old types like Orange Sunshine , Windowpane , Blotter and LSD -25 did nothing but make us Selfie-Aware & iCreativity ?
Is a Rewind any relativity to a Flashback , that The Wizard of R&R still keeps on waiting to have or have Not , that - that is the ?
Or has someone finally figured out , how to get our CD players
to REWIND , in this Fast Forward World,
pls call & leave ur World Wide Web-Foot-Print on it !
In case of Boredom , break the Glass & watch this Rewinded Video !
I am so glad somebody finally figured out how to get our CD Players to REWIND !

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