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Monday, December 29, 2014

 The Wizard welcomes you all to my You Tube Playlists for New Years's Eve & Day Parties All over the World !
 All Playlists have a version of Auld lang Syne to play at Midnight at the top of the Playlists for easy access ; only the Rock & Roll playlist has only one version by Bruce Springsteen . The 1st Playlist , Music before it R&R us has 2 , Guy Lomardo's Classic version & 
also a Rod Stewart version , if you want to just play only one or both , its up to you !
The 3rd Playlist of C&W ( Country and Western ) Folk and Bluegrass has two
 Guy  Lombardo's version on top and a lovely vocal by a mystery singer in the second spot , your choice or just play both ! 
Just click on the underlined text of the Playlists , 
          Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve  !!!!!

New Year's Eve Playlist of Music before it Rocked or Rolled us NY's Eve Party !

New Year's Eve Playlist of Rockin' & Rollin' into the New Year's Eve Party !

See you next year !

Don't burst anybody's bubble !

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