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Friday, December 05, 2014

Unofficial: Survivor

Unofficial: Survivor
I really wish Survivor would , for a change of pace from playing all the endurance & puzzle game challenges and have some "old school FUN" !
Like , let the challenges be a Volleyball game , or Dodgeball or Badminton or Ping Pong or Pickleball  
How do you play Pickleball ? or Stick Ball or Punchball. I am sure the viewers who don't go out and play in the street like we did as kids in NYC in the 50s & 50s , might even go out and try these fun games sometime , also Croquet or Bocce Ball or Beach Bowling ( you use tall water bottles with water in them and roll a soccer ball or Beach Cricket or Water polo in the Ocean ( using rafts to set up a court) . Some games would work with early stages of Survivor with more people and some can work as it gets closer to the end. I just think some of these would add a refreshing Twist to the Game , like who can roll a Hula Hoop around their belly the longest ! Do kids even know what Hopscotch is , these days ?
How to play and what is Hopscotch !
Share this if you like the ideas , so we get it to the right people producing Survivor !

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