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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Survivor S29E14 HDTV MoViE1K Tv - Vidto

Survivor S29E14 HDTV MoViE1K Tv - Vidto
Just got to Watch The Survivor  Finale , I knew the result because someone foolishly posted it on FB without a Spoiler Alert about that , which to view their post can ruin the suspense for you , as it did for me , if you hadn't seen the Show as yet. People on-line should know better & realize , never opt to post a result unless you advise people seeing your post of a Spoiler Alert , it could ruin the surprise for you ! It's different then going somewhere to look for the news of the Results !
Also, I saw the young boy who got Survivor to use his Challenge that he had suggested ! Good for him but please go to my Unofficial: Survivor 
page & LIKE my suggestions to do some "old school" style games ( After all they are on a beach , which many street games can be played on & many already are ! The page has pix of the games , which all will know & probably played ) , to use these as Challenges for the coming seasons , which I for one hope many more seasons will be forth-coming. Survivor and one other Amazing reality show are my 2 Favorites not counting some Musical singing competitions that are looking for the next big Idols & Voices out there in Reality !
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