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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sara X Presents: A Very Sara Xmas

10 Days to go and a Ho-Ho-Ho !!!!!!!!!!

Sara , Mine are God given !
Sara , Yours are Man-Made in China !
Oh yeah , mine are a Miracle ! Sara
Sara , Sara sittin' in a
shoe shine shop !
When she sits , she sits and
shines and sits and sits and
shines !
Sara , Sara sittin'at a
Breast enlargement Store !
Sara , Sara
Tryin' not to be a Bore !
Sara ,Sara
Lyin' on my Back ,
with my ass down to the Floor ,
legs are spread and
I won't say any More !
Except paying for my tits,
ain't a Bore no More !
Cause if the  Miracle Fits ,
Now Sara can do Hardcore !
Sara , Sara
Look at all my Videos ,
Sara , Sara
ain't gonna be , poor no more !

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