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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jethro Tull- We Used To Know

A lot of songs are sometimes inspired by other songs , and I don't see Ian bitching , plus certain Eagles members have had a bad rep on tour as Prima Donnas , Led Zeppelin was too , in their contract rider a certain color M&M's Candy was to be removed from the Giant Brandy Sniffer full of them and a case of Grand Marnier Liqueur was to be available in the Bands room , seems tho none was ever drank there in the Band room? I became friends in NOLA with a Lady of the Night who went on Tour with Jethro Tull and made tea & ironed their clothes on the tour , she said they were really rather tame ! She did mention the Eagles were a bit snobby. So , no big thing either way , it was long ago , funny to see people bitching about it almost a half-a-century later !
        No doubt in The Wizard's hearing their is a similarity between Hotel California and this Tull song, except for the Lyrics !

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