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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Teemates - Moving out (60's GARAGE PUNK ROCKER)

The Wizard just does not get it , I am a NY City guy raised on the beginning of R&R Music of NYC Radio , but for the life of me I never heard of these guys....Plus i worked at Trude Hellers where many Bands who were not big played and I hung out at The Metropole Cafe , where they tell the story of being a house band there. That is how I found these guys looking for a band that was playing Trude Hellers and The Metropole in the 60s , somebody Paris I think and the band was Del something ,weird cause they were a great cover band , lead vocals guy was White and the band was three Afro-Americans but back then I think we said 3 Black dudes ! Now , the lead singer was a cross between Frankie Valli meets Joey Dee ! He had a great voice and they were great showmen ! I do hope someone will remember who I mean , I have left posts all over looking for someone or a pic , but no luck so far except a good blog ,that lists all the Garage bands ! They interviewed these guys , who The Wizard has no memory of , very interesting cause I had friends in the USAF I was stationed with who had great bands playing Rehobeth Beach and wound up doing Hullabaloo Clubs as they opened ,and maybe Shindig stuff too. The most interesting , was the leader Frank May was friends with Mike Stewart of WE FIVE & John Stewart's sister and they did one of his may be on here ,I forget ! Well like I say , I've forgotten more about Music ,then most people will ever know ! 

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