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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The indisputable selfishness of Derek Jeter -

The indisputable selfishness of Derek Jeter - Jeter and Joe Girardi

'via Blog this'Yes , this guy is right about only one thing ,at 40 Derek Jeter is not retiring with the best performance of his career. Other then that , how many players out their his junior , aren't playing as good as he is at 40 ? Should Derek sit himself down and as the writer has stated , be un-selfish and let someone who might do better then Derek ,who might make it possible in this injury plagued year to still get the 2nd wild card spot. Those might's would then deprive so many Fans of the privilege , no not a privilege , the bragging rights to say they saw one of the greatest Yankees ever to play Baseball in his final season. Maybe not performing as well as he had in his previous years , but for one thing sure , trying and as usual giving it his all , with every swing ,every run down to first base and more heart then a Cano has ever shown , more Pride for the Yankees then A-Rod will ever have ! And that is why the writer of this story may think he is right to make his case ,but as a Yankees Fan of over 50 years and so tired of watching guys who make allot more bucks then many hard working people ,
fail to live up to the expectations that come with those BIG salaries.I would rather have one more year of the Captain , then anyone the writer of this article might even suggest should be put in his place.
The writer is probably a re-incarnation of someone who once sent the greatest Yankee of All-Time Babe Ruth ( according to voting in the ranking of great Yankees being counted now ) to another Team ! I stopped liking the Giants when they sent Willie Mays away, Now of course all this writer is talking about is , why shouldn't Derek Jeter bench himself , so someone might help the Yankees make the 
playoffs.....because all those people who buy tickets and watch the Yankees games every time they can , we all want to see the Captain play every last game he wants to.Not because a writer or a small number of baseball fans think he shouldn't be in the line-ups ! The majority of true Yankees fans deserve one more game from one of the Greatest Yankees to ever wear the uniform. Jeter will be talked about in the future with the names of Ruth ,Gehrig, Berra ,Ford, Rivera and all the other greats. The guy who wrote this won't be remembered for much more then a few days ! So you have a right to write your story and your opinion , but we have a right to tell you, Go to Hell , we want to pay our respects to one of the best in baseball in mine and many others lifetimes , til he has retired after the Yankees season ends ,whenever that may be !

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