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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Petiton to have the Moody Blues Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Petiton to have the Moody Blues Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Not Many Bands can say their first 7 albums from
Days of Future Passed
to Seventh Sojourn
are Classic works of Rock&Roll !

In the Beginning - GO NOW 

The Band Members from Days of Future Passed
and onward !

Today's Moodies !

The Moodies in their younger Days ,
were we all ever really so young !

'via Blog this'Howard Stern just Mentioned that the Moodies have not been inducted into THE R&R Hall Of Fame on AGT when a contestant sang Nights In White Satin ! I have had the first 7 Albums first on Vinyl and then on CD , and all I can say to the Hall of Fame , is Shame on You ! I was at Alan Freed's First R&R Show and Every Murray the K Show at the Brooklyn Fox ! I have seen Elvis Live , Sinatra , The Beatles together and their individual Tours. My nickname and my Blog is The Wizard of Rock&Roll and I am just so disappointed and shocked to hear this. WTF , someone needs to create the R&R Hall of Fame New York - Los Angeles , no offense to the City of Cleveland but whoever is ruining the name of R&R , I didn't say running , must have inhaled to many of the fumes when the Cuyahoga River caught fire !
Talk about an injustice and a travesty of claiming to be The R&R Hall of Fame ! I have been hearing over the Last few years other legendary groups either being snubbed or not inducting some but not all members , I think KISS just had a bit of a problem with whoever these Pre-Madonnas , think they are! I have to admit ,I do not know what the R&R HoF's exact criteria for induction is , but I do know that the Moody Blues were one of the Greatest Concerts and Music I have ever listened to and seen live at least 4 times ! The song GO NOW although a big hit in the 60s were not all the same personnel as they were when DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED and the rest of the Magnificent 7 Albums ,as I think of those first albums were created , so what ! Can someone out there possibly tell me how in The King's Name ,Elvis ! There be a fracking reason the Bozos missed this Bus , and not Inducted these incredible Artists , I'm afraid to ask , Is Jethro Tull and YES been inducted ! I know it took Neil Diamond longer then it should have , but this atrocity has me dumbfounded. So ,yes please I will gladly sign this petition and if I still was able to travel , I'd love to start a Protest outside the House of Fools , I mean the so-called R&R HoF , maybe they ate some Bad Acid and got confused on what the frack they were doing ! Or maybe they escaped from a Mental Health facility and the Lunatics are running the Asylum now. All I can say is , you guys better start inducting people that have paid their dues and are still out there , like I said when i was 16 yrs. old in Brooklyn ,NY .Would we still be going to see the R&R bands like the Rolling Stones , would they still be performing in their 60s &70s ! I guess we all know the Answer to that ? But it seems some dumb-asses are in Charge and letting the power go to their tiny Dick-brains..... 
 Big Bill aka The Wizard of Rock&Roll - Long before they Googled , 

people from all over the planet called

 The Wizard for their Worthless Knowledge queries and many still do ,

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