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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moody Blues on the Jimmy Fallon Show

I go back to Go Now ,which was a slightly different group of Band members , but was turned on to their new Music in '73 by a friend who was in love with Justin Hayward. When the first 7 albums had been completed ,I also enjoyed BLUE JAYS by Hayward - Lodge , now for any band to create 7 classic Album Rock works is more then any fan could ask and the following Albums that were made when they re-united , although not as outstanding in the way of the earlier albums , still contained songs to take them into the new Millennium as one of the Super-Groups of the 60's ! Plus ,after enjoying them in Concert 3-4 times , they still along with Pink Floyd , YES & Jethro Tull ,are my Favorite muscial groups of my life.!
 I stll believe "On the Threshold of a Dream is the greatest album to listen to when one goes Trippin' in whatever is your favorite state of mind , you choose to fly in ! I still  some days play all of the 7 and enjoy them for hours on end !

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