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Saturday, June 07, 2014

University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address - Admiral Willia...

Some wise words from this his address first ,then what it leads me say :
I know I've changed a bunch of people's lives, much more then 10 for sure ! Whether for good or bad ,i cannot say ! I hope for the better and in many cases ,I know I'm still in contact with many great people and hope they think of me in a good light ! My one life lesson that my Dad taught me ,was no matter what a person's color skin is ,what religion they believe in or where on earth it is that they come from , even if they are related to you ; none of that matters ! What does you ask , it's simple:
Good people are good and Evil people are bad ! That's the really only difference between men & women on this planet. I believe it to be a Universal Truth and following the righteous path will get you to a better place when this life is over !
There is too much going on in this Universe to just have popped up at of Nowhere .
Yet , if that's what you believe ,that is your right ! As long as it doesn't cause you to
act and follow on a path that puts you in the BAD category of humanity !
I just look at all that has been made by Humanity and know that we have not created anything that can even compare to Mother Nature on this planet and the Creation of our Universe !

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