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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Thoughts on the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Berdahl

This guy makes a great point ! Some wanker on FOX NEWS made a comment about the Father having a Beard growing and making statements that wearing a beard is akin to supporting Muslim or Islamic Terrorists ! I've been so sick of the total Bullshite by these Anti-Obama maniacs ,that look in every garbage can they see , searching fo some ridiculous way to embarrass the President ! They don't stop there either , every time they ask the same question: Can we impeach him for this? 
    I totally agree with this video , nobody should be left behind. They are in a War in Afghanistan , so they can stop their BS that the President has broken the law cause the USA doesn't negotiate with Terrorists. Dick Cheny , the WMD lying SoB that he was as Bush's VP , would be negotiating as fast as possible if it was his Family! And these supposed News Women ranting on about this exchange , they'd shut their Big Mouths if it was their kid !
It is sickening , that before all the facts are even found out these people just jump the gun & shoot their mouth off !
 As long as it can embarrass the President and grasping at straws to get him impeached ! 
FOX NEWS is in league with the terrorists , if you look at how they dis-respect the Office of the Presidency over and over !
 I really would like to see this guy tell the Duck Dynasty boys to shave their Terrorist supporting Bearded look  !
 Plus our Orthodox Jewish community or ZZ Top !
 We know people with beards may be Terrorists , as FOX News reported by some A-hole they had on !
Was this Bearded Republican possibly a Terrorist !

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