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Monday, June 16, 2014

Proud To Be

The early immigrants ,soon to be Americans , were not all heroes in their take over of what is now the USA ,
Genocide was in the hearts & minds of many , moving onto lands that these Tribes had lived on
for eons , not sure how far back the Tribes can be like "Roots" for example. Going back ,generations of
a native American's grandparents , as far as possible. What is known about the Land & the People that some of us come from , having had a member of the family way back ,who had married with people of different Natios of those 1600s & 1700s Calendar Times !
That has to be a incredible time period. All people did was go camping ,where they hunted for food or fished for food. Or smoked a peace pipe and went and hunted down some more munchies foods , of those by-gone days !
Washington needs to have their fans vote on a NEW Nickname or LOGO  Character ,just get rid of the RACIST one , White Man! I myself like the name RED STARS or Red Tornadoes or The Washington  Congressionals ! or the The Washington Presidentials or The Washington DCs or The Washington Rivers
or Constellations , come on ,get this guy that ownsthe team , to Change ,cause its the right thing to do !

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