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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bruce Springsteen - Henry Boy & Growin Up -Max's Kansas City

Funny I thought he was at the Gaslight his first NY gig ! But it was long ago , but I remember because , I had been invited to go see this show in '72 but moved to New Orleans, where I met Miami Steve or Little Steven in '75 , which ever  name you prefer. I met the whole E Street Band actually , 'cause Steve had gotten arrested for accidentally driving into Jackson Square after Bruce's & their concert.. Later they all the band came to eat where I was Night Mgr.& Barman ,Molly's Irish Pub on Toulouse St.. When Steve looked at the Juke Box he came and got a roll of quarters ,and asked me " Who programmed that Juke-Box ?" I told him I had and introduced myself. After that he would come see me whenever he was in NOLA ! Next time he was producing & on tour with SouthSide Johnny & the Asbury Jukes ! I always had back stage passes after that trip ,they had such a great time. I finally got introduced to Bruce in Baton Rouge in '78.It was the year of the Police strike in NOLA and we wanted Bruce as Grand Marshal of The Krewe of Bacchus Parade ,but he was too busy on tour that day. We tried for John Belushi too, but he'd been filming Spielberg's 1941 and couldn't get away ! To this Day , BRUCE and the E STREET BAND , carry on as one of the Best concerts you can ever see live. Bruce will rock you til your exhausted , not the Boss ! You begin to think he may never stop playing that R&R.....Although I missed this , later on I got to see TALKING HEADS at the Mudd Club ,NYC.... that was almost as great , except for the tourists !   BB 

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