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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Possibly :The Most Interesting Word in the English Language

Question : What the FUCK am I doing?

Coveting: I'd love to Fuck his wife after he dies !

Repetition :  Fuck ,again!

Wonder: Who was that fucking Swami?

Taste : That's the worst fucking tie I ever saw !

I'm sure there are many more , it really was a funny routine ,I 

wonder if he copied it , cause I think it was a routine by 

somebody like Lenny Bruce or someone back then ,maybe 

Mort Sahl???

Positivity: I'll blog it , for fucking sure !

Religious : Holy Fuckin' Toledo !

Aquatic : Holy Fucking Mackarel !

Unsure : Are you fucking kidding me?

Lost : Where the FUCK am I?

 Found: Thank goodness your fucking here !

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