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Monday, March 24, 2014

Official Jazz Fest 2014 Talent Announcement Video

I wish I could get Quint to remember the guys at YOUR FATHER"S MUSTACHE , which burned down in '75 . It was the best job I ever had ! They recently celebrated their 50th Year re-union at Carnegie Hall in NYC . I also had worked at the NYC YFM in  '67 & '68 , before moving to Norfolk ,Va, then on to NOLA in '72. I really think it would be a great opportunity , YFM is being inducted into the Banjo Hall of Fame this year ! Surprisingly so many of the Musicians are still playing gigs. Some in New Orleans . Les Muscat was with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band , until he became ill.
The everlasting VINCE VANCE & The Valiants started at the YFM-New Orleans club in the early '70's and Jack Teagarden , famous Jazz trombonist played his last stand at the location the YFM club had been ringing out its great spirited and patriotic and 
sing-a-longs. There's even the seen in 'EASY RIDER" where they walk by the YFM as their strolling down Bourbon St. So ,someone please get this to whoever might appreciate a good idea for next years Jazz Festival. I'll put them in touch with guys from the YFM playing in NOLA still thirty something years after I was the last one out the door that " they'll be a hot time in the old town tonight " ( a fire on Bourbon St. could wipe out the whole French. Quarter ) I was also the first guy from the Club to go see what was happening that morning , 
  I lived around the corner on Rue St.Louis !!!

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