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Friday, February 28, 2014


Jay and the Americans.png
Jay and the Americans in 1965
Besides seeing them at Murray the K R&R Revues in early 60's; I had the chance to see them at the Cafe Wha ! It's in Greenwich Village.That's where The Wizard's confusion began!
That night the lead Vocalist ,me being a big fan of Jay & the Americans, was different! My friend with me said I was nuts but at the end of the show they introduced their new lead singer...I'm still not sure what happened, I'll Google it to see the story told on the net ,if there 's one ,to be told...a story that is???
Ok , The first Jay Traynor left after only 1 hit "She Cried" ,but Jay Black was who I saw at the Cafe Wha. I also had noticed the face didn't match the original Jay's too:but although he was different ,he still had a great voice ,his name was David Blatt . He changed it to Jay Black. Later on , a thied Jay took the lead and changed his name John to Jay AHHHHHH! Show Biz ! Always a great Vocal group and don't forget its ties to Steely Dan ! 

But that's another story !

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