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Sunday, January 05, 2014

NY Radio Archive - WOR-FM

NY Radio Archive - WOR-FM:

'via Blog this'Concert below The Wizard attended while in the USAF and its why I took so long to get into Hard Rock , now called Classic Rock  , but not the Oldies but Goodies Style stuff'. You must understand , I questioned much of the Beatles Music after I believe "Rubber Soul" , due to the fact I hadn't tried listening to their Post Dylan intro to weed or their
journey to OZ via Sgt. Pepper's ,or Magical Mystery Tours. Later on the Wizard liked the name FUN BUTTON TOURS,
so that was what The Wizard took many Good People on !
Only remembered hating The Who and not thrilled by Cream....and Yes that is pre-stone age BB ! What changed my mind on the WHO was TOMMY. Believe it or not 
to this day I never was big on the heavy metal guys ,except for a few big hit ones.
I really got blown away by the Allman Brothers in Concert @ William & Mary Campus in Williamsburgh , Virginia! Unfortunately Duane had Ate the Peach Truck .They were still incredible , even with the Timothy Leary prescription making it just Fantastic Mon Capitan , as a Elton song may say !
     Then in 1975 a guy from ASBuRY PaRK ,N.J.
came to New Orleans and blew me away , Bruce !!!!!

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