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Sunday, December 01, 2013

In Time (2011) - IMDb The Wizard's Review!

In Time (2011) - IMDb:
Watched a interesting movie called "in Time " with Justin Timberlake ,good performance by him ! The story tells of people getting a life clock and dying when they run out of time...then I realized why the Tea Party and Republicans don't want Obamacare , if people can live longer and get pre-existing illnesses treated by Obamacare ,the insurance companies they own won't make as much money ,plus they don't want us getting older ,the poor at least , and Obamacare will help many of us poorer folk put a drain on the cheap bastards. Instead of raising the minimum wage so people can spend more at their companies ,they would rather we not live too long in the first place. I haven't seen election results as yet ,but I hope America wakes up , TEA & REp. Parties lie to us all and FOX News swears to it !!!

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