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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Idol Greats: Where Are They Now? | Idol: Then & Now | Ideas for a new IDOL International Show

Idol Greats: Where Are They Now? | Idol: Then & Now |

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         What if we took the 2nd and 3rd Runner ups from either or all the big 3 Vocal contests on the air , or just American Idol for that matter ; only non-recording male & female artists. We make it a Male & Female winner and girl groups and boy groups (if shows other then Idol's # 2 and 3 place contestants are eligible too ) Bring in the Voice contestants and X-Factor too , but not sure if contracting issues would get in the way of that.
     The Wizard thinks a International Idol show with runners - up from IDOL shows all over the world , but they must sing in English too,
not just their Native languages . 

The Wizard was hoping to see a few more faces from over the years doing 
well , but this ain't no Fairy Tale.....although it could be ! Once upon a Time , 
there was this Big Kid growing up on the streets of Brooklyn. He was very lucky to have parents like William Albert Sawyer Sr. and Anna Gregorek Sawyer , why just the way they met , could be a story in a Fairy Tale ! 
     It's like 1946 , my father hasn't been home in 9 years and he has been travelling and not getting much sleep. He is on a cable car in Norfolk , Virginia the last leg of  his odyssey to get home to see his family. Like most of us who rode on Electric
Powered Trolleys ,they were easy to nod out on . I always felt they smelled better then the damn buses that pushed them out of the way , with another
 BIG LIE from The OIL Companies!!!!!!!!!!
That the smelly buses with cheaper fuel was best for our cities future , not counting the poison they'd pump into the atmosphere of our Planet,Many cities went the wrong - way! 
   So , Uncle Albert as his Family called him , was nodding on the shoulder of  a MissAnna Gregorek , a Acting Chief Operator at BELL TELEPNONE's Long Lines Division on Canal St. in Manhattan and Tourist from Brooklyn ,a New Yorker by birth and one very smart Polish girl with impecable handwriting and taste in clothes ,and a pretty devout Catholic Girl to boot! By some act of Whoever is in charge of this ride we call life , 'causes this Baptist Protestant from North Carolina to fall for a  Good Catholic girl he just met by falling asleep on her.....let me not go to far ahead? 
  Anna would win Polka contests at the Church Dances over the years , and was from quite a big family. Especially my Aunt Jenny , who was more like like my Grandma 'cause she was so much older then my mom. Her kids were like my Aunts and Uncles ages but were my first cousins. It was great for presents ! Although my Mom took care of her kids when they were growing up.....allot ,
I did ok from a couple of the cousins , there kids really made out from my Mom ,
their Great Aunt Anna ! 
    The Trolley rang its bell. Ding-Ding,Ding! awakening my dad , as he realizes he was leaning a bit on the shoulder of the nice looking lady seated next to him! 
"apologies ,Ma'm" Back to his nod ,he's really tired ! at the next stop , the trolley car conductor rings the bell , waking the sleeping Seaman and him finding his head on Anna's shoulder this time. He once again apologizes and this time a very feminine voice saysjokingly :
 " just don't make a habit of it big guy" When he woke up next time , he was holding on to poor Tourist Anna's arm with his head on her shoulder ,as the trolley finally rang again; "I am so sorry , I just been trying to get home for a few days now ,I been gone for 9 years and on the way to have dinner with my family. If you don't have any plans , as an apology ,would you please join me for a down south home cooked meal?"
      I realized my Mom & Dad were responsible for the Song : Clang ,Clang Clang went the Trolley Ding Ding Ding went the Bell " sung by Judy Meet me in St.Louis! ( No body is sure if " The Trolley Song" is the right name , but if you sing the first verse or hummmm a few bars ,most people over 40 might get it or know it )
I mean after - all , Dina Shore was throwing my Grandpa in Virginia kisses on the TV from a letter he wrote , he asked her to throw him a Kiss at the end of the show. I do remember seeing here sending that big Smooch from her Mouth out to Gran-daddy Sawyer! 

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