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Friday, November 29, 2013

Best Marijuana Documentary you will ever watch!

 I truly find this a good lesson on why POT needs to be legalized with taxes and controls , but please don't make it so fracking expen$ive , that poor people can only afford it from their illegal Dealers ! Who now are selling at cheaper prices but to a large established clientele ; I go back to the days of good mexican weed for 20$ an Oz. to 100 an Oz. for Sinsemellia from Mississippi being called Maui Wowi in New Orleans ! The Wizard called this "trip weed' , compared to a recent tasting of great herbs ,especially if you like the Good to Sleep on type , for around 100$ an Oz.
     They really have not even dented all the uses for medicine this drug has the capability to cure or at least help deal with it. I mean Chronic Pain ,which The Wizard gets more flare-ups as he keeps on going thru pain longer and longer.....Oh ,Well .....good video to learn why we need to Decriminalize by legalization !!!!! Worldwide !!!!!

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