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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Watch Glee – Season 5, Episode 3 – The Quarterback Online | Tv Show | Delishows

Watch Glee – Season 5, Episode 3 – The Quarterback Online | Tv Show | Delishows:

'via Blog this' What a awful waste of a nice human being ,this is what happens when due to laws punishing users instead of getting them HeLp with their addiction ! No it forces people into dark places,where they only go alone, fearing your loved ones find out about what ails you,Yeah right , its better to be honest about your problem and get help, then go alone,support is a necessity ! Haven't felt this kind of admiration about the acting job he was doing, since John Belushi wasted his future and over-dosed......
I may have not got this memory perfect but most likely it is spot on ,how damn stupid and a waste of a Chaplin-esque type talent. Only met him once ,when Belushi came with SNL for Mardi Gras Live from New Orleans ...our good friend Susan was yakking at him and didn't know who John B was LoL We told her after he left Molly's Irish Pub on Toulouse St. Now it's on Decatur St. by The French Market , Jim Sr. has gone up probably down ...LOL...he did not believe in a GOD or Creator , your totally extinct in all forms of life now or After-life ,either!
Anyway , a Heartbreaking episode , even if I did shed a tear or two! They sang some well worded numbers for this farewell to a Brother !!! I mean Quarterback

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