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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fail Safe-wish.avi | PutLocker

Fail Safe-wish.avi | PutLocker:
Watch Fail Safe
'via Blog this' A great movie to remind us , how terrible the world will be , if NUKES are ever used by anyone ! Only a Evil person , could ever unleash these weapons onto our planet; Yes !  I The Wizard tells it, as he feels it in his heart.This 3rd piece of rock from our Sunny, is getting a terrible treatment from her leaseholders; we are all guilty! Hey You'se guys , Clean up your ACT , before it's too late, 'cause too late will be here sooner then they think ! I mean , let's face it, in real life how really short even 100years ,ain't much in infinity! But look at just the advancements over the last 100 , yeah wow!
Back to the planet:
Shame , 'cause the difference in the Phuket where I first partied in the early'80s; To today's pavement in Paradise , they really have not put up enough parking lots....if you live here?!?

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