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Friday, February 01, 2013

Dozens interested in Wash. pot consultant job - Yahoo! News

Dozens interested in Wash. pot consultant job - Yahoo! News:
Does 50 yers experience , with 25 years spent in Thailand , 15 years in Mexico ,Jamaica,Belize& Maui,Hi.Assorted educational books read on the subject. Plus , have baked with product before ,so have Culinary recipes also ! I know what "Sinsemellia" means in English!! and Th. ran out of Sticks ,shortly after The Wizard arrived !!!
Also, I know that the Maui-Wowie distributed in the Southern US States in the '70s was really from Mississippi and was" Sinsemellia" ; that's why it got you so fracked up , tripping a little I may suggest was the feeling you got.
     Gentlefolk of Washington , you need 5 people to do the job of the one , you are attempting to hire.No one will truthfully be able to cover all your criteria for the job in 1 person !!!!!

Marijuana Consultant
Smells great , just lookin' at it !!!!!

Khurshid Khoja, left, an attorney with San Francisco based Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, asks a question as he sits with marijuana cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal, right, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013, in Tacoma, Wash., as they attend an information session put on by Washington's Liquor Control Board for people interested in bidding for consultant contracts with the state to advise on the implementation of legal marijuana use, which was passed into law by voters in 2012. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
I wouldn't trust either of these guys !

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