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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Craig Hugo obituary: Loss of a Brother in Life

Craig Hugo obituary: Craig Hugo's Obituary, Denver
The Wizard or should I say Big Bill , was very proud to call Craig Hugo , friend ! Except , that would not best descibe how I felt about Craig and his devoted Peggy !
 I don't think of all the people ,whom I've called Brother in my family of friends , that anyone was more kind hearted and crazy then Craigooooooooo.
The man loved his fishin' , golf must have come after I moved to Thailand !
You and your wonderful disposition will be missed by many.
RIP , my Brother , see you on the other side !!!!!
BTW , I'm going to go listen to the band on YouTUBE and have a cold beer or two for Craigooooooooo, get stoned and
get another beer and celebrate Craig's life !
 Join us , Cheers !
L'chai-im ! To life !

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