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Friday, July 01, 2011

Paul McCartney At Yankee Stadium | Tickets

The Wizard once joked about going to see the Beatles Re-union
Concert in the late 70's !
The Wizard felt they could sell out a 100,000 tickets
in 1 arena for days !
The Wizard also said they could sell the tickets for $1000
a person !
Well, Paul is only 1/4 of the Fab Four and its 2011 !
I'm not sure what a Regular ticket costs ???
The Wizard got this offer to buy a Package ,
take a look at the prices !!!
 Paul McCartney At Yankee Stadium Tickets
BTW , the Wizard's favorite comment from back in the 70's ,
would The Rolling Stones still be Rockin&Rollin in the their 60's ?
Well , we may see Mick & Keith in their 70's before they get done !
Low and Behold , Sir Paul is still out there too , representing The Beatles , Wings and his incredible lifetime of Musical Compositions!!!!!

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