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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quiz to see what you know about the world and the USA ???

No stress in this test !
It Ain't Child's Play , which was Chuckie not Charlie ,
but a girl called Lucy does call him Chuck !
Quiz for Fun , See what you know ?
Your Wizardness just got 8 out of 11,
 should been 10 but wavered on oil spill depth xxxxxxxxxx , but went with xxxxxxxx and forgot xxxxxxxxxx signed TARP bailout , but knew xxxxxxxx was SCJ, but thought and picked...I forget who;
but top 30% of Public is a good intellectually gifted # !    The Nuns at St. Stan's be so proud of me !!!
The Brothers at St.Francis Prep and my best teachers at Delehanty HS , TYVM!
especially to : Misters O'Leary and Maloney !!!
When I watch Jay Leno doin' his "street walkin" interviews , it worries me and its a bit scary how poorly most of the people are educated or even aware of current events or people .
( GW was a great example )
A lot of American people don't know much about their own country !
They seem to know even know less about the world !
      Even as all the new cable TV and Internet opportunities appear , browsers that we can use to visit and learn more about the World  we live on.....'cause although the Wizard is a teacher of Worthless Knowledge....he really appreciates how good an education I've recieved in my life ;
but travelling around the World ,
 was a big learning aide tool also !
Mainly you learn how to get along with different folks , that you meet  along the way . Hopefully you  will learn to listen to the people who wish to help expand your horizons. You'll learn to avoid the ones who would not only waste your time & energy but might also put you in harm's way , so you won't see another horizon or be able to pay your way !
So always be Careful ,Remember , just because your  PARANOID , doesn't mean their not out to get YOU! 

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