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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vince Vance's Musical Video Called I am New Orleans

Good collage Vince ...and I know what it means to miss New Orleans Big Bill aka. TheWizard of R & R !
Please send the YOU TUBE link to all your friends ( ), to help Vince get a million hits , and NEW ORLEANS
gets some great vibes from all of you !!!!!
From my old friend :
As many of you know Vince wrote and new song "I Am New Orleans" and has released a video. We are working on getting 1,000,000 views on the video on YouTube. We are close to 90,000 views and it has just now been online a wk. I am asking all my friends to ck on the link and watch the video and I am asking all of you to forward this e-mail to your e-mail list and ask them watch the video and to pass it on to their friends and ask their friends to pass it on ect, The compounding effect of the old pyramid concept is what we are after. Please help Vince with this and help out New Orleans also. Hope all of you are well Love and Peace , Fred

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